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ATP-Rampe -50 mm

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Curbs can damage landing gear, spoilers and tires. Depending on the height of a curb, cars will make it difficult for the driveway and forklifts to maneuver. With our curb ramps you solve this problem quite simply. A rubber ramp serves as a curb wedge so you can drive the wedge bridge up to the higher level with each vehicle, without fear of damage. These curb ramps come in different shapes, lengths and heights.

A curbside ramp-up aid can easily be placed in the appropriate places so that the curbside ramp is really where it’s most needed.

Robust curb ramps for your driveway

All our curb ramps are made of sturdy elastomers. This material offers high weather resistance and stands out

through its longevity. The curb ramps are non-slip even in wet conditions and have a high dead weight.

Since the curb ramps are easy to clean, they are extremely hygienic.

The quality of the curb ramps is also reflected in the high load capacity of very heavy vehicles such as excavators and trucks.

The UV and weather resistant ramps have drainage grooves that are water permeable and quick drying.

Test our drive-on aids and make your driveway barrier-free.

Stable drive-up aid for the curb

Not only do ramps serve as ramps, they also help you to mark your driveway.

An everyday use rubber ramp in front of your driveway signals to every driver that this is not a parking zone.

Thus, our curb ramps are not only Auffahrhilfen but also a signal,

that the corresponding area should not be delivered.

Of course, the Auffahrhilfe for the curb can be easily removed at any time,

for example, if you want to clean your driveway.

Mounting the curb ramps

If an additional attachment is desired or required to completely eliminate slippage, we offer alternatives to securely and permanently secure the curb slabs.

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